Why People Become Vegetarians

Why vegetarian?

There are many reasons why people become vegetarians. Reasons like ethical, religious, health, environmental, animal rights etc.

5 Important Reasons Why People Become Vegetarians

Why people become vegetarian.

Here you will find some truly profound reasons why people become vegetarians.

You will also find a few good reasons for meat lovers to start demanding more of, and asking more questions about the quality of the meat and the industry surrounding the food they eat.

Are You Becoming Vegetarian?

What are your reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet? Please share with us here!

1. The treatment of animals used for meat production is beyond horrendous.

The living conditions in the meat farms, the food the animals are given, the drugs they are injected with simply to stay alive until slaughter date.

The slaughter is then committed under the most “inhuman” conditions.

There should be a guarantee that all animals used for slaughter are treated well, brought up under exemplary conditions and fed good food, great water and given no drugs or hormones and finally slaughtered expertly and under dignified conditions.

2. Pollution

The enormous over-production of livestock used for dairy and meat also produces enormous amounts of manure.

More than the soil can handle.

The toxic runoff seeps out in the rivers and waters if not spread out on enough land. So our water, rivers and lakes get polluted. Our earth needs balance!

3. Over fishing

”The U.N Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 70 percent of commercial fish stocks worldwide are considered fully exploited, over fished or collapsed. 

Fishers, using rapacious techniques such as sonar, drift nets, long-lines, dredgers, and floating refrigerated fish-packing factories, are ultimately not only putting themselves out of business but rapidly destroying ocean ecosystems.” 

Quote from: “101 reasons why I’m a vegetarian.” By the VivaVegie Society, www.vivavegie.org.

4. Health Benefits

Eating a healthy vegetarian diet has many benefits. 

An English study that compared the diets of vegetarians and meat eaters during 12 years, found that vegetarians had a 40 percent lower risk of cancer and 20 percent lower risk of dying from any other disease.

A German study also found that groups of people who eat little or no meat can expect to cut death rates from diseases by 25-50 percent. (“Eat your vegetables!” Harvard Health letter, Nov. 1994. “Going vegetarian- the healthy way.” Mayo clinic women's health source, Nov. 1997.)

We know that animal foods “clog arteries with cholesterol, strain kidneys with excess protein and burden the heart with saturated fat.” 

The more plant foods you eat, the less space you have for animal foods, and the healthier you can become! 

5. The Fiber Connection

Simply put: Plant foods contain fiber, animal foods do not. 

A high fiber diet is recommended not only to loose weight and fight obesity, but can cut the risk of developing cancer by 40 percent.

It can also help diabetics to control their blood sugar levels significantly. You need about 50 grams of fiber a day.

Source: “101 reasons why I’m a vegetarian.” By the VivaVegie Society.

These were a few but significant reasons why people become vegetarians.

What are your reasons for being or becoming a vegetarian? Please do share it here!


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