Why I'm Vegetarian

by Maria

Love them veggies!

Love them veggies!

My personal reason for choosing to become vegetarian was simply that I did not like meat and felt sick eating fish or seafood.

There was the rare occasion when I found meat could be good tasting, but it was so rare that it became easier to say that I only ate vegetarian food.

At least it was a lot easier than having to endure bad tasting meat and trying to discretely cut away all the bits and pieces that made me feel really queasy.

(But yes, I also have a problem eating my "friends"... And during a scuba dive after looking deep into the intelligent eyes of an octopus, I since have a hard time looking at the grilled version of this and other incredible sea animals.)

Phew! What liberation to be a vegetarian and loving basically everything I eat!

However, I started looking for more profound reasons why people are becoming vegetarians when I got older and felt embarrassed when people asked me my reasons for being one.

Saying “I don’t like meat” seemed a bit simplistic and naive to me at the time. (Funny, now when I am over 50, this is again the reason I give when someone asks! I am tired of getting in to hot and never-ending debates and discussions I guess…- you know what I mean?)

So, my reason is simple: I love vegetables!

I love being able to eat whatever is served, not having to pretend that I like it, or feeling apprehensive, but just happily dig in and expect the food to be great- and it usually is.

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Thank you for sharing!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story!

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