Why I Have Become a Vegetarian.

by Ashlee Harding
(South Australia)

Well generally I'm a pretty healthy eating person; loved veggies, didn't eat too much meat etc., then all the sudden my body just rejected it, even the thought of eating meat makes me sick, i don't quite understand at all why it happened but yeah, all my body will let me eat is vegetables , bread, pasta etc.

Many people have said it's just because my body is too used to eating one food, but I never really ate meat excessively so i still don't understand why.

I know this isn't probably the place to put it but if you have any suggestions or ideas why feel free to contact me.

There are many reasons that you may feel that you don't want to eat meat products anymore.

But if your body suddenly rejects something you normally eat, I would definitely suggest you contact your health care practitioner to rule out any underlying issues first of all.

Assuming all is OK, learn all you can about vegetarianism and how to eat a balanced diet; check out this excellent free e-book download on this page: Vegetarian Starter Kit

Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story!

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