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Kitchen Essentials

Chef's Aprons

Why? Because you want to look sexy in the kitchen! (Yes you guys too! ) And, yeah, to protect from those spills and splotches. Aren't these gorgeous?

Vegetable Knives

Why? A vegetarian chops a lot of veggies. A great knife makes life easier...

Actually, you only need three types of knives;

  • a small pairing knife,
  • a good chef's knife that is also a great vegetable cutter and
  • a serrated bread knife.

Since you need so few; splurge on the best quality you can afford!

Chef's Knife/Vegetable Knife

Eco-Friendly Cutting Boards

Why? Why not? Prepare your vegetables on a large enough cutting board so the veggies are not falling off all the time. You might as well do it on a natural and Eco friendlier material!

You do need to take proper care of a cutting board in a natural material, and hand wash it.

Clean it and oil it regularly for long use.

Tip: Whenever you have squeezed a lemon, use the leftovers to scrub the board together with a little salt for a quick and hygienic cleanup.

(No need to mention never to use your vegetable cutting board for meat or fish, right?)

Mixing and Prepping Bowls

Why? If you want to feel like a "proper" chef, a little elegance is in place. And, somewhat practical too...

Place your chopped veggies and spices in bowls for organized cooking and a neat. "Mise en place" is French for "all in its place". Keeps your kitchen less messy too. "Mess in place" so to speak! :D

Pots and Pans

These are the pots and pans you can't cook without!

TIP: Remember not to add any salt to the water before it boils! Otherwise the salt may destroy the bottom of the pot by causing "pitting" or small rust spots. This can then cause unwanted metals to seep into the food you cook.

Large Stock Pot

Absolutely essential in any kitchen for boiling vegetable stock, making lemonade and cooking any large amount of vegetables for example.

Medium Pot

For cooking pasta, rice, grains and beans for example. Or making a batch of popcorn!


A sauce pan is used for anything, really. Sauces (duh), an egg or two, herbal teas and heating up leftovers!

Dutch Oven

For soups and stews. You could even bake bread in it. Cast iron is the best. (Feeling a bit like a wicked witch stirring in a cast iron pot? Muahahahaaa!)

Cast iron is great cookware. Just make sure to learn how to properly season and clean it, and you have cookware that is healthy and lasts for generations.

Frying Pan

For anything that needs frying and sauteeing, obviously! Onions, a lot. Carrots and celery. Mushrooms, and so on. And cast iron, so even your great grand children can inherit it one day.

Grill Pan

For easy and tasty grilled vegetables, or "cheating" Eggplant parmigiana; (just grill slices of eggplant, layer with cheese and tomato sauce and put in the oven until cheese melts...)

Grilled vegetables are simply so good! Slice them in strips and add to a veggie salad for extra texture and taste.

Stir Fry Pan

For veggie stir fries and quick noodle soups. Fast food for vegetarians!

For non stick pans, make sure to never ever use sharp tools like knives or metal. Always use wood or heat resistant silicone to never scratch the surface. And, clean by hand.


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