Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Here are my best vegetarian soup recipes that have passed the taste test of my family, even my husband who still thinks soup is only for when you are ill… When served with a favorite recipe, he simply says “Well this isn’t really soup, is it?”

Mmm, a hot, flavorful and steamy bowl of feel good nutrition... Soup is to me the ultimate comfort food. Calming, relaxing and comforting. These soup recipes are healthy, nutritious and simple- as food should be!

Vegetarian Soup RecipesA Bowl Full of Good Taste and Nutrition

Best Tools For Making Vegetarian Soup

These are my absolute favorite tools for making almost all my vegetarian soups:

Cast Iron Dutch Oven: In it I make stews, soups, sauces, and more. Although it's heavy, it's basically used every day, so I keep it out on the stove top.

Crock Pot/ Slow Cooker: What a great invention! A slow cooker is the best way to get super flavorful soups, stews and more on the table when you plan to.

The Best Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Orange Carrot Soup Recipe

A carrot soup that makes you happy to cook and to eat. Makes your body happy too!

Vegetarian Borscht

Vegetarian Borscht Recipe

Borscht is a delicious and healthy soup prominently featuring red beetroots. Here is a simple vegetarian version that tastes heavenly hot or chilled.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

A fantastic, gourmet vegan pumpkin soup that is easy to make and fills your house with a wonderful aroma!

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Here is an easy vegetarian pumpkin soup recipe, that is perfect to serve on a crisp autumn day.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Kid pleasing and delicious creamy broccoli soup. This is a very easy and quickly made vegetarian soup recipe.

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Vegetarian minestrone is one of those meals where you can basically put anything you have in the refrigerator. This delicious recipe is one we return to over and over again.

Fasolada- Greek Bean Soup Recipe

Fasolada, a rich and nourishing bean-soup recipe is the perfect dish for mountaineering, and perfect for vegetarians and vegans in mountainous regions of Greece.

Potato Leek Soup

Enjoy this potato leek soup recipe, a super simple, healthy, tasty and budget friendly veggie recipe.

Vegetarian Lentil Soup

Three delicious vegan / vegetarian lentil soup recipes that are really, really good- and budget friendly!

Vegan Slow Cooker Jamaican Read Bean Soup 

For this recipe you'll need a slow cooker or crock pot. The flavors in this Jamaican red bean soup are unbeatable. The soup smells so good when cooking, it's almost painful!

Chunky & Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe

A delicious, chunky and creamy tomato soup made with fresh tomatoes. A comfort food that's also vegan and satisfying enough as a main meal.

Vegetarian Corn Chowder Recipe

A filling soup full of vegetable "goodiness", and yet summery and light. The chowder is creamy without cream, so it is also a low fat chowder!

“Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living. For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.”

Louis P. De Gouy, "The Soup Book" (1949)

Serve The Soup With...

What to serve with soup? The simplest is just some crusty bread. A green salad goes along really nice as well. To “help” my children eat more salad; I serve the salad first in individual bowls and when finished we fill it with the soup. It is really great for hungry ones while waiting for the food to get ready. Try this:

  • Crusty fresh bread
  • Garlic bread
  • Corn muffins
  • Crackers
  • Tortilla chips
  • Pita Crisps
  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Cheese or spinach mini pitas


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