Vegetarian Sauces

Vegetarian sauces and gravies is a tasty way to complement a great vegetarian meal. Here are top sauce recipes that use basic, easy to find ingredients.

The sauce recipes are simple, basic sauces that everyone should learn to cook to enhance many different dishes. Best of all- they're all vegetarian!

Vegetarian Sauces

Basic Vegetarian Sauces

Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel Sauce Recipe

The best Bechamel sauce recipe is made with just a few ingredients. It is a basic white sauce used in cooking in many dishes all over the world. Here are two versions of the recipe, one thick and one thin sauce. 

BBQ Sauce

Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe

This is an easy and very tasty recipe for vegetarian grilling. It's also great for basting a vegetarian roast with. With just a little bit of heat, this BBQ sauce is a winner.

Vegetarian Gravy

Vegetarian Gravy

A hearty, dark and flavorful vegetarian gravy is worth the effort. Prepare some extra gravy and freeze, since this vegan gravy freezes well.

Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

Vegetarian Ravioli Sauce

A healthy and chunky vegetarian ravioli sauce with tomatoes, zucchini and olives.


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