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Why People Become Vegetarians

Why vegetarian? There are many reasons why people become vegetarians and choose a vegetarian lifestyle. Reasons like ethical, religious, health, environmental, animal rights etc.

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Vegetarian Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Enjoy this potato leek soup recipe, a super simple, healthy, tasty and budget friendly vegetarian soup recipe.

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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Simple, healthy vegetarian recipes cooked mainly from scratch, and many ideas on how to create healthy vegetarian dinners and more for you and your family.

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Vegetarian Vitamins

A healthy and varied vegetarian diet should not require vitamins. However, there are times when we could need extra support. Make sure to get high quality vegetarian vitamins.

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A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?

What is a healthy vegetarian diet? In this vegetarian diet guide we will take a look at vegetarianism and why people choose to become vegetarians.

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Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Vegetarian minestrone soup is one of those meals where you can basically add anything you have in the refrigerator. This delicious recipe is one we return to over and over again.

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Healthy Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

A healthy and simple vegetarian pizza recipe using whole foods and simple ingredients. Serves plenty, but you can easily double the recipe for a party.

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Retro Vegetarian Pie Recipe

A retro vegetarian pie recipe filled with a delicious vegetable filling. This healthy whole wheat crust and moist spinach, leek and vegetable filling takes me back to my student years. A real keeper!

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Baked Potato Wedges- A Quick and Easy Vegetarian Side Dish

Sometimes a recipe can be as simple as it goes. And completely delicious! This recipe with oven baked potato wedges goes on my top ten recipes for easy, tasty, family friendly recipe.

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Pasta with Oven Roasted Vegetables

Let’s make a quick and easy vegetarian recipe; oven roasted vegetables and pasta! It's so simple, and so delicious.

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