Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Here you will find a delicious collection of vegetarian pasta recipes that everyone will love, meat eaters or not.

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Pasta lends itself naturally to all kinds of vegetables and vegetarian sauces and is a main staple of vegetarian kitchens everywhere.

Spaghetti, linguine, ziti, tortellini, ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi... and the list goes on and on for so many delicious types of pasta. If you'd like to know what pasta to pair with what dish, here is a handy pasta dictionary.

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Vegetarian Spaghetti and Meatballs

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

No,no,no...there's absolutely no meat in this dish.

Who could ever imagine that rice balls could taste so delicious with pasta and tomato sauce.

A real comfort food treat, and all vegetarian.

Vegetarian Spaghetti and Garlic Mushroom Sauce

Such a simple, but both healthy and frugal dish.

Slurp it up with your favorite spaghetti, a crispy salad and some garlic bread.

Pasta with Oven Roasted Vegetables

This dish is so simple, it feels almost like cheating.

Roast the veggies while you relax, cook the pasta of your choice, linguini goes well for example, and mix directly in the oven pan.

Some shredded cheese, a fork and yum...!

Vegetarian Lasagna

Who said lasagna is time consuming? Here is a recipe for the speediest lasagna you've ever made.

And it's really delicious and healthy too!

Vegetarian Ravioli Sauce

Ravioli is great in the vegetarian kitchen. You can find them filled with mushrooms, cheeses, spinach etc.

The sauce can be plain, or chunky as in this recipe filled with crunchy veggies. A satisfying main meal for everyone.

Vegetarian Pasta Bake

Oh, the classic pasta bake. Great student food, or for everyone for that matter. Mix leftover pasta, cooked vegetables, cheese, eggs and a sauce perhaps, and in the oven it goes. Super good, simple and budget friendly. Serve with a mixed salad and a great dressing.

Mushroom Stroganoff with Noodles

Pasta is such a great comfort food. Easy, cheap and filling. This recipe would be one of a mushroom lover's ultimate comfort food; a mushroom Stroganoff served with noodles or rice. And, obviously with a healthier twist! :)

Greek Pasta Salad

One of the great things about vegetarian pasta recipes is that they're tasty both in hot and cold savory dishes. A Greek Pasta Salad is a classic dish that is perfect for both a BBQ or the buffet table. Here is a healthier version.

Amish Macaroni Salad

The Amish Macaroni Salad is an indulgence in fat and sugar. In my version we cut down on some of the "bad" stuff without sacrificing taste. Enjoy!

Don't you just love pasta?


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