Vegetarian Burger Recipes

Here are two vegetarian burger recipes with beans that are easy to make, healthy and very tasty. Think you can beat this? Make sure to add your favorite at the end!

Black Bean Burgers

Here's What You Need

  • 2 cans black beans drained and rinsed, or 2 cups boiled (1 cup dried, soaked and boiled is about 2 cups)
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 1 tbs. olive oil
  • ½ red onion, chopped.
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • 1 tsp. ground cumin
  • ½ cup all purpose whole wheat flour
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tbs. fresh herbs like thyme and oregano, chopped, or ½ tbs. dried.

Here's What You Do

  1. In a food processor, process about ½ the beans and ½ tsp. salt until smooth.
  2. Put in a bowl and mix in the rest of the beans.
  3. Gently fry onion, garlic and cumin in oil until soft and fragrant.
  4. Add the flour to the onions and stir and cook for a few minutes. Add to beans and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  5. Form about 6 patties and refrigerate for about one hour (or overnight).
  6. Mix the rest of the flour with the herbs on a plate. Pre-heat the oven to 400F/ 200C.
  7. Press and coat each patty in the flour mixture.
  8. Fry in olive oil in the frying pan on medium-high, about 2 min on each side.
  9. Place the patties on baking paper on a tray, and cook in the oven for about 10 min. more.

Serve on hamburger buns with the regular trimmings, or try them with some salsa and guacamole.

Chickpea Burgers

Here's What You Need

  • 1 tbs. olive oil
  • 2 green onions, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup finely chopped fresh mushrooms
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 cup cooked or canned chickpeas, drained
  • 1/3 cup roasted sunflower seeds
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • ¼ cup breadcrumbs
  • ½ cup sesame seeds
  • 1 tbs. chopped parsley

Here's What You Do

  1. Heat the oven to 425F/ 225C. In a frying pan, heat oil on medium heat.
  2. Add green onions and mushrooms and fry until soft and golden.
  3. Mix garlic and chickpeas in a blender/food processor until smooth. (Add a little oil if the mix is too dry.)
  4. Put the chickpea mix in a bowl and blend with the fried mushrooms.
  5. Chop the sunflower seeds coarsely.
  6. Stir together with the chickpea mix, salt and pepper parsley and breadcrumbs.
  7. Shape 8 patties of the chickpea mixture.
  8. Put sesame seeds on a plate, press the patties in the sesame seeds to cover on all sides.
  9. Place the chickpea burgers on a baking sheet, and broil in the oven about 1 decimeter/ 4 inches from the heat. About 4 minutes on each side.

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