Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Start your day right with vegetarian breakfast recipes! Here is a collection of wonderful, tasty and healthier breakfast ideas for everyone who'd like to eat more "green".

Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes 

Enjoying a healthy breakfast is important for vegetarians for good health and energy the whole day. 

Many of the recipes can be prepared in advance, frozen or even cooked on one of those lovely lazy mornings when we actually have the time…

For the stressful day when we don't: Prepare a granola or a muesli in the weekend. Serve with Greek (live) yogurt or almond milk, and perhaps a few slices of banana or other fruit or berries for example.

Make ahead waffles and freeze, simply pop in the toaster for a quick breakfast with fresh berries, a drizzle of honey and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

It's easy and quick to eat a healthy breakfast everyday, with just a little prep and planning!

Healthy granola recipe

Healthy Granola Recipe: This is a delicious recipe that my grandmother always used to make. It stores well in a beautiful glass jar, and is superb together with yogurt, buttermilk, milk or almond milk. 

My Favorite Muesli Recipe: Muesli can be a mix of almost any combination of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and grain. Here are a couple of Muesli recipes that will keep any tummy satisfied.

Porridge Recipe: Porridge makes you feel good all morning. Here are four of my favorite porridge recipes. Porridge can be “half” prepared the night before. This speeds up cooking time in the morning a lot. Serve the porridge with almond milk and applesauce, or cinnamon and raisin for example, for a hearty breakfast meal.

Almond Milk Recipe: If you don't like, or cant tolerate milk products, try almond milk. Make your own- it is simple, delicious and fresh!

Breakfast muffin recipe

Breakfast Muffin Recipe: This is a vegetarian and vegan healthy breakfast muffin recipe that is so easy to make and tastes really, really good. Make a batch and freeze, so you can quickly warm up a few for breakfast. 

French Toast Recipes: French toast is quick and easy to make for a protein rich lacto-ovo vegetarian breakfast recipe. Here are a couple of recipes for variation.

Homemade waffle recipe

Homemade Waffle Recipe: Homemade waffles luxuriously served with maple syrup, honey, or whipped cream and strawberry jam…! Yum! This is a breakfast or brunch recipe for those special mornings when time is not an issue… More a dessert, really. Bliss! 

Easy Smoothie Recipes: A smoothie is quick to swish together, and as nutritious as you want. Here are a couple of kid (and adult) pleasing smoothies for a great vegetarian breakfast on the run!

Easy Fruit Salad: On my perfect breakfast buffet, there has to be a fruit salad. Even if some kids don’t like to eat fruit, a fruit salad usually makes them gobble up quite a lot of it!

Fruit Juice Recipes: Fresh fruit juice- so simple and tasty… Here are some delectable ways to start your day with fresh-and-full-of-vitamins’ fruit!

How to Boil Eggs: Learn how to get your breakfast eggs boiled to perfection each time!


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