Vegetarian BBQ & Picnic Ideas

A few people may think that a successful vegetarian BBQ is an oxymoron... Well, think again! Get out there; grill or have a picnic (or both), and be proudly vegetarian!

A BBQ is not only for meat eaters! Grilling vegetables and fruit brings out unique flavor, taste and sweetness. 

Accompanying sauces, dips, salads and appetizers makes a combination of vegetarian foods that are a feast to the eye and to the palate, vegetarian or not!

Here are some great recipes and tips for a successful veggie BBQ. Find out how to grill vegetables, create the best BBQ sauce and more!

Enjoy a (growing) collection of great dishes to serve at your BBQ; get out there and start the grill already!

Vegetarian BBQA Fantastic Vegetarian BBQ

Vegetarian BBQ Recipes & Tips

Successful Vegetarian Grilling

My Best Vegetarian Grilling Tips for Successful Grilling, or How to Grill Meat and Vegetables and Keep Your Sanity (and marriage…) Read more.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

This is a simple homemade BBQ sauce recipe that is absolutely fabulous! For the perfect BBQ - make your very own grilling sauce! Read more.

Veggie Burgers

All veggie burgers are not for the grill as they may be brittle and fall through the grid, but large Portobello Mushrooms are ideal for grilling! Read more.

Corn Salad

A classic corn salad is a perfect side dish for the barbecue. This simple salad is done in no time at all, but prep it in advance to let the flavors blend. Read more.


Tzatziki, a Greek salad/dip with cucumber and yogurt, is a standard on our table when we grill. Super tasty and fresh for all, vegetarians or not. Read more.

Greek Salad

A Greek salad with ripe tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and Feta cheese is  simple and quick to make. It is perfect to nibble on, while sipping on a glass of wine... waiting for the coals to get ready! Read more.

Other Great Recipes For A BBQ

Vegetarian Picnic Ideas

Vegetarian Picnic

Here are vegetarian picnic ideas to help you get out there, among the birds and the trees! (You might need to bring along some mosquito repellant too!) Read more.


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