Mexican Vegetarian Recipes

Viva Mexico! Mexican vegetarian recipes are spicy, hot, protein rich, fun and colorful.

You'll find beans, particularly black beans, corn, hot chili peppers, avocados and other vegetables in abundance.

Perfect for vegetarians! Here is a collection of healthier recipes that are focused on using ingredients high in nutrition and vitamins with a taste of Mexico.

Healthy Mexican Vegetarian Recipes

Even though Mexicans are known to love their meat, I think many Mexican recipes practically beg to become vegetarianized - so much better! : )

Mexican vegetarian recipes

Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, guacamole; mmm so good!

It is amazing how many different dishes that can be prepared with simple, but "bouncing-with-nutrition" ingredients of fresh vegetables, grains, beans and fruit.

Not to forget all the spices! Here is a collection of Mexican inspired recipes that are fun and easy to make.

Buen Provecho!

Vegetarian Mexican Recipes

Guacamole Dip

This is my "Mediterranean version" of this super-delicious Mexican vegan avocado salad recipe! Use it as a dip or as a topping for veggie burgers or taco salads for example.

Spinach Enchiladas

Here is a recipe for delicious vegetarian spinach enchiladas with spinach and ricotta cheese surrounded with chili sauce and melted cheese on top. Serve this healthier Mexican dish with a crisp green salad and a cold beer for a lovely vegetarian meal!

Corn Salad

A crispy corn salad is perfect for any buffet, or as a side dish for a barbeque. This vegan corn salad recipe gets even better the day after when the flavors have developed, so it is perfect for preparing in advance!

Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Here is a vegetarian chili recipe that becomes as hot as you decide! The chili is delicious, hearty and very satisfying. It also freezes well and makes lovely leftovers.

Black Bean Burgers 

This is a black bean veggie burger recipe that is inspired by the flavors of Mexico. Serve on a bun together with guacamole and chunky salsa, for a hot treat!

Vegetarian Fajitas

Vegetarian fajitas is an easy and quick dish to make. Simply fill a soft tortilla with cooked veggies, add some shredded cheese (optional), a glob of guacamole, salsa and whatever else you like. Done!


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