Greek Vegetarian Recipes

There are plenty of true Greek vegetarian recipes since the traditional cooking of Greece include a lot of vegetarian and especially vegan dishes.

Greeks have traditionally kept a mainly plant based diet with a little meat or fish at the most once or twice a week. This has unfortunately changed with younger generations (and so has the rate of health problems related to eating habits).

But many still observe the Orthodox lent, or fasting period before the Orthodox Easter, during which a mainly vegan diet is kept.

This is happy times for vegans and vegetarians like me, since there is a lot more choices of great dishes when you go out and eat!

Here are a few of my favorite Greek recipes as well as a few "Vegetarianized" recipes.

Kali orexi! - Good appetite!

Greek vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian Recipes a' la Greek


Fasolada, a protein rich and nourishing bean soup recipe. the perfect dish for cold days, and perfect for vegetarians and vegans in mountaneous regions of ...Vegetarian Bean Soup Recipe: Fasolada


This vegetarianized moussaka recipe is so tasty that any meatlover would love it too! Vegetarian Moussaka Recipe

Choriatiki Salata

The ultimate Greek salad is the famous “village” salad, or “choriatiki” as it is called in Greek. As with all favorite salads, there are plenty of local variations ... Greek Salad Recipe


Tzatziki is a cucumber salad / dip made with yogurt and garlic. It is one of the most popular and well known vegetarian recipes from Greece. Usually used as an appetizer. It is a popular dish with plenty of local variations.

Go to Tzatziki recipe

Greek Dessert

Greek dessert recipe

And for dessert: An ancient Greek healthy dessert that is quick and easy to prepare. Walnuts belong to the group of super foods. They're packed with nutrients, good fat ... Dessert with Yogurt, Walnuts and Honey


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