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What are your best vegetarian recipes?

Here at our vegetarian recipe exchange you have a chance to submit your favorite vegetarian or vegan recipes and help spreading the vegetarian way of life!

Submitting the recipe is super-easy. If your recipe is approved, it will be showcased here on Just follow my instructions and your recipe could become web-famous!

Vegetarian Recipe Exchange. Submit your best vegetarian recipes!

Submit Your Best Vegetarian Recipe

What is your best vegetarian recipe? Share your recipe and how to cook the food you love! Maybe you've found a way to "vegetarianize" a popular dish? Or to alter the ingredients and put your own personal "twist" on a recipe? Share it with other veggie lovers around the world!

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Vegetarian/Vegan "Tuna" Salad 
I stumbled on this in a moment of epiphany. I realized that artichoke tapenade had a similar consistency and oil content to tuna. Granted I haven't eaten …

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Share any delicious vegetarian or vegan dish with your vegetarian friends all over the world!

Add a photo of yourself, the dish or the produce used for example. It's lovely if you'd also share a little about the story of the recipe, how and when you learned to cook it or/and why you like it and what you think makes it special. 

If you know where the recipe came from or anything of its background that's interesting we'd like to hear it as well!

Perhaps there is a special ingredient that is great to use- please do share! Your vegetarian friends will thank you. :)

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