Becoming Vegetarian

Are you planning on becoming vegetarian? What are your reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle? Don't know yet? Read on...

Becoming Vegetarian?

So, why would anyone choose to be a vegetarian? Is it for health reasons? Or perhaps you are hoping to loose weight? Is it for environmental or animal cruelty reasons? Religious beliefs?

Perhaps you already have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle? Have some good tips to share for newbies?

Please do share what you think! (You can be completely anonymous if you like.)

There are actually many different reasons why people choose a vegetarian diet. There are reasons like ethical, religious, health, losing weight, environmental, animal rights and more.

So, what are your reasons? Please share with us what you think here

Reasons For Becoming Vegetarian

There are many individual reasons for becoming a vegetarian or vegan. What is your story? Share it here!

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Why I'm Vegetarian 
My personal reason for choosing to become vegetarian was simply that I did not like meat and felt sick eating fish or seafood. There was the rare occasion …

Why I Have Become a Vegetarian. 
Well generally I'm a pretty healthy eating person; loved veggies, didn't eat too much meat etc., then all the sudden my body just rejected it, even the …

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Becoming Vegetarian? What are your reasons?


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