Almond Milk Recipe

Almond Milk RecipeDelicious, Fragrant, Homemade Almond Milk

Make your own vegan milk with this easy almond milk recipe!

Almond milk is a far more delicious and healthy vegan alternative to cow’s milk.

It is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant, and it contains more minerals and nutrients than soy or rice milk.

And it couldn't be more simple... you only need two ingredients!

The only ingredients for this healthy nut milk are:

Almonds + Water

If you like, you could add a drop of vanilla extract to make it extra delicious, or/and a small fig for sweetness, but it doesn't really need it.

Why Choose Almond Milk?

Here are some (of many) benefits of almond milk:

  • Contains no lactose, casein or soy.
  • Contains no saturated fats or cholesterol
  • High in Omega-3
  • Low in fat, calories and carbohydrates (so it is a great milk substitute for losing weight)
  • High in vitamins and minerals

Read more about the benefits of almonds here: What are the health benefits of almonds?

Almond Milk Recipe

Here's What You Need

For about 2,5 cups of almond milk you will need:

Almond Milk Recipe: IngredientsThe only ingredients needed!

Optional: I love this almond milk recipe as it is, but kids may like a drop of vanilla extract and maybe a tiny amount of Stevia.

Or, as many do, you could try to mix the almonds and water with a small dried fig for extra sweetness. But try first without any additions; the almond milk is really delicious as it is!

Here’s What You Do

How to make almond milkMaking almond milk.
  • Soak the almonds for 1-2 days. The milk gets creamier with longer soaking, but I soak only overnight since I live in a relatively hot climate.
  • Mix the almonds with water in a blender.  The absolute best is to use a Vitamix. It makes anything you mix perfectly smooth. You can get a Vitamix from Amazon.
  • Strain the milk in a cheese cloth. Or even better, use a special nut milk bag.
  • Squeeze out as much as possible of the almond milk.
  • Pour in a container and chill.
  • Serve.

Store the almond milk in the fridge for up to 5 days. (Make only as much as you need each time.)

Almond Milk Recipe: Straining the pulpStrain the pulp.
Don’t throw away the pulp!

You can use it for baking, or adding to muesli or granola.

If you can’t use it right away, you can freeze the pulp it to have handy when you need it. (Or as I do, give it away to somebody who bakes often!)

Use the almond milk as you would any regular milk.

I make a killer «Frappé», or Ice coffee with it- Oh yeah.  : ) Enjoy!


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