About Me and My Vegetarian Kitchen

About me and my Vegetarian Kitchen

Hi, I'm Maria!

My story about me as a vegetarian begins from an early age. My mom told me I was very little when I said (with a big sigh) when presented with a raw vegetable salad; "Finally some real food!" 

To me vegetables have always been the real food. Combined with other, smaller quantities of "extras' like cheese, milk products and sometimes eggs it has been my diet for 32 years, since when I decided to give up meat all together.

This diet is called lacto-ovo vegetarian, and it is an easy diet to keep since there is always something available wherever I travel, at restaurants or when visiting people.

My reasons for being a vegetarian is simply that I never liked meat, and always got sick by fish or seafood. Eating meat was something I felt obliged to do growing up, and choosing a diet without meat was a true liberation for me as I started cooking for myself.

The vegetarian recipes you'll find here on my website are made using as pure and simple ingredients as possible. Partly because I believe that the more treated and processed our food is the less nutritional, but also simply because many ingredients are not available everywhere in the world!

By the way, I have built this and two more websites with SiteBuildIt, which I can highly recommend. If you have a passion for something, why not turn it into an online business? It needs work, sure, but it's easier than you might think. Check it out here.

It always drives me nuts to read about a fantastic recipe only to discover that half of the ingredients are impossible to find where I live. Sure, I would love to use more tofu, quorn, various canned beans and other more or less “ready” ingredients- but I live in a country where this convenience is very limited.

On the other hand, where I live we have plenty of local super-fresh veggies and fruits of high quality, great olive oil and farmers markets several times a week. And being a vegetarian you do become very good at compromising and finding substitutes!

I am no chef, but I have over 30 years of experience cooking and "inventing" vegetarian meals, both for myself and for my family and friends. My vegetarian kitchen is a mix of Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Swedish, Mexican, Asian, Indian… anywhere from where I have found an interesting and tasty vegetarian recipe.

However, on my site you will also see a lot of Greek, or Greek “vegetarianized” dishes (even though I was born and grew up in Sweden), since I love the food of my adopted home country Greece very, very much.

Anyway, whatever your reasons are for becoming a vegetarian or simply choosing to eat more vegetables and less meat; I welcome you to my website and my vegetarian kitchen, and my wish is that you will find inspiration and good advice here. 

Here's to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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