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The Veggie Zine, Issue #005 -- Holiday Recipes
November 29, 2013

Vegetarian Holiday Recipes

And here are the holidays again! Along with the sometimes frantic (at least for me) search for vegetarian / vegan recipes that are satisfying and delicious for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Preferably the recipes should be so good that they will be included in the future family tradition as well...

Whatever your holiday celebration may be, here are some great recipes that work. They are comforting, mostly low-fat, tasty and nutritious.

Happy Holidays!

Vegetarian Holiday Roast with Cashews

This elegant vegetarian roast is one I serve only at Christmas. It is Vegan and liked by all! Even meat eaters enjoy this dish very much. Decorated with tomato slices on top makes it festive and colorful for the Holiday buffet. It is super healthy as well, but don’t tell anyone! Vegetarian Roast

Vegetarian Nut Roast

Here is a nut roast that is a healthy and nutritious alternative to the popular meatloaf. This lacto-ovo vegetarian loaf is a real winner. Easy to make, elegant and delicious both cold and hot. Vegetarian Nut Roast

Mashed Potatoes Recipe

The best mashed potatoes recipe is also the simplest. Potatoes like it simple. They are the most humble of all vegetables, and still potatoes can be used in so many different types of dishes and be prepared in almost any imaginable way. Heavenly Mashed Potatoes

Vegetarian Gravy Recipe

This is a Vegan Vegetarian Gravy suitable for all sorts of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Try the brown gravy with nut roasts, mashed potatoes, vegetarian burgers, or whatever you like. Vegetarian Gravy Recipe

Falaffel Recipe

Falafel is made with dried chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, that have been soaked overnight. After soaking you blend the beans with garlic, onion, parsley and spices to a coarse paste. Then the paste is shaped into patties and fried in oil. Falaffel Recipe

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