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Dig in to delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for all veggie lovers!

If you are looking for tasty, uncomplicated vegetarian dinners and more meat-free meals; you've come to the right place!

Vegetarian Recipe Exchange

Have a recipe you love or are really proud of? Why not share it with other veggie lovers here? Add a photo or even a video if you like! The Best Vegetarian Recipes!

Here at you will find delicious recipes cooked mainly from scratch, with simple and not too-hard-to-find, nor too fancy ingredients.

I am a strong believer in whole foods, and try to use mostly simple and whole ingredients in my cooking. I try to use ingredients that are also easy to find everywhere, wherever you live.

This website is for vegetarians, or people interested in implementing a more plant based diet. Many of the recipes are lacto-ovo vegetarian, but you can also find many vegan recipes.

Vegetarian Cooking, Tips and Tricks

What do vegetarians eat? Can you really live on a plant based diet?

Here are some tips and tricks for new vegetarians, or those who are just looking for some ideas on how to eat a more plant based diet:

Are You A Vegetarian?

What are your reasons for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle? Please share with us here!

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian flavors around the world...

Hungry for more? Travel around the world for more great vegetarian or "vegetarianized" recipes!

Now... Let’s get cooking!


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