Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Everyone

Dig in to delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for all veggie lovers! If you are looking for tasty, uncomplicated vegetarian dinners and more meat-free meals, you've come to the right place!

Here at you will find vegetarian and vegan recipes cooked mainly from scratch, with simple and not too-hard-to-find, nor too fancy ingredients.

Now... Let’s get cooking!

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Vegetarian Cooking, Tips and Tricks

What do vegetarians eat? Can you live on a plant based diet? Here are some tips and tricks for new vegetarians, or those who are just looking for some ideas on how to eat a more plant based diet:

Vegetarian BBQ

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Recent Recipes & Updates

  1. Tzatziki - Greek Cucumber Salad

    Tzatziki is a Greek cucumber salad and dip made with yogurt and garlic. It is one of the most popular Greek vegetarian recipes for appetizers with plenty of local variations!

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  2. Mexican Vegetarian Recipes

    Mexican vegetarian recipes are spicy, hot, protein rich, fun and colorful. Beans, particularly black beans, corn, hot chili peppers, avocados and other vegetables in abundance.

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  3. Reasons for Becoming Vegetarian

    What would be your reasons for becoming vegetarian or eating a more plantbased diet? Perhaps you already have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle? Share with others your journey!

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  4. Tomato Mozzarella Salad – Insalata Caprese

    Insalata Caprese means that this tomato mozzarella salad is «in the style of Capri», the Island outside the west coast of Italy, close to Naples.

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  5. Vegetarian Picnic Ideas

    Here are some vegetarian picnic ideas and tips to help you get out there, among the birds and the trees!

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