Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Dig in to delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for all veggie lovers!

If you are looking for tasty, uncomplicated vegetarian dinners and more meat-free meals; you've come to the right place!

Here at you will find delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes cooked mainly from scratch, with simple and not too-hard-to-find, nor too fancy ingredients.

Vegetarian Cooking, Tips and Tricks

What do vegetarians eat? Can you live on a plant based diet? Here are some tips and tricks for new vegetarians, or those who are just looking for some ideas on how to eat a more plant based diet:

Vegetarian Recipes

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  1. Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe

    Dec 06, 16 07:44 AM

    There are a number of ways to prepare homemade Ginger Ale, a tasty nonalcoholic beverage that was very popular in the USA around 1860-1930. Apart from being tasty, it is also healthy.

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  2. Greek Vegetarian Bean Soup Recipe: Fasolada

    Nov 26, 16 05:14 AM

    Fasolada, a rich and nourishing bean soup recipe is the perfect dish for cold weather, and perfect food for vegetarians and vegans in mountaneous regions of Greece.

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  3. Vegetarian Vegetable Stew Recipe with Halloumi and Chickpeas

    Nov 14, 16 04:40 AM

    A hearty, tasty and comforting vegetable stew recipe, with a Mediterranean flavor of Halloumi cheese and chickpeas.

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